Agricultural Cooperative of Pella is being established in Pella the heart of Macedonia, the native land of Alexander the Great ,which is one of the most productive areas in Greece and also A.C Pellas head office.

Agricultural Cooperative of Pella begins his journey from 1928 with his last name Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Giannitsa ,in 2012 due to the new legislation, tooks his new name and changed legal entity. A.C Pellas now comprises at least 1.000 active members and keeps one of the first places in the Agricultural Cooperative Organizations in Greece.

Important operations of the organizations are, gathering, transformation and advancement into the domestic and foreign markets of all agricultural products of the area.

The subsidiary role of the Organization is to support the productive procedure equipped with the appropriate stuff and the adequate materialised and technological foundation (agriculturists , pharmaceutical etc.)

Flexibility and speed is the main philosophy and practice of A.C Pellas