Cereal Department

 The cereal part of Agricultural Cooperative Pella receive at their premises which are one at Kallipoli and one in Giannitsa wheat and durum , barley, maize , oats



The Maize is one of the most widespread agricultural products of the region of Pella and for this reason, the Department of Pella serves producers in the concentration of maize having the following two barns : Kallipoli - Giannitsa. In these facilities we receive and distribute in the Greek market but most maize and abroad with excellent qualities



Agricultural Cooperative of Pella receives at  his facilities soft and hard wheat . Wheat is a plant that is grown around the world . It is the second world's harvested grain , after maize . The Wheat fruit is a staple food , used in flour production , feed .


Animal  Feed  Department

Mixtures of feed & raw materials

Concentrates and balancers experience and knowledge in the field of feed and livestock development as well as by working with passion and consistency - respect for the customer - producer results in the supply of our customers with pure raw  feed materials at the best possible cost.