Health and Safety

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) cannery A.C PELLAS

QAP is a program that provides assurance that the overall quality control function is being done effectively. This involves the continuing evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the overall quality control program with a view to having corrective measures initiated where necessary. The QAP program contains verifications, audits and the evaluation of all factors that affect the specification, production, inspection, and the use of the products or services.

Pesticide Control

Cannery A.C Pellas Department follows all the necessary precautions to make sure that our products are safe. A list of acceptable pesticides are obtained from the European authorities and is given to each grower at the beginning of the year. Each of our district managers collects pesticide reports from each of their growers to ensure that only legal pesticides are applied to their Crops. Prior to harvest, random samples are taken from the fields and analyzed for compliance. If there is any residue from an illegal pesticide, or too much of a legal pesticide, our cannery will reject the fruit.