Cannery A.C Pellas  was constructed in 1989 as a small new department of her second grade organizarion, dedicated to the production and sales of canning fruit products. The small canning industry in 90's has grown to be an evolved, modern industrial unit and has achieved through a successful upwards to obtain an international customer group as well as remarkable partners. Since 2007, A.C Pellas branched out into the production of heat treated goods (HTST) in aseptic package such as concentrated peach or Single Strength puree, with the prospect of expansion into other fruits. For that reason an ultramodern plant of puree production, aseptically treated has been installed. We have a large experience in agro industrial management, and we are famous in Greece and all over the world thanks to the quality of our products. Our production plant is located in the Area of Pella, in a privileged area due to its excellent characteristics for fruits cultivating.

That is the reason why we can guarantee that we work with the best national raw materials, together with state of the art technologies for productive process. A,C Pellas commitment is offering a safe and reliable service to our customers; we are dedicated to growth and innovation on the market. We faithfully believe that thanks to our work values we are and we will keep being successful.