Social Responsibility

Fully embodying the culture of a family business, A.C Pellas board and management place great emphasis on matters of corporate social responsibility. A.C Pellas philosophy of good corporate citizenship is transformed into daily action by the organization. Respect and support for local communities, society and the environment constitute our top priorities.

A.C Pellas offers its support and strengthens the initiatives of important social institutions, charitable associations and local government organizations. Moreover A.C Pellas supports the social grocery stores in its neighbourhood ! We are concerned about the local community and its problems. Taking seriously into account the adverse economic conditions that our country has been experiencing, during the past few years, we try to support vulnerable groups of our local communities through product offerings and other programs.

A.C Pellas has designed and implemetned recycling actions in its plants and warehouses as well as in the office buildings. The purpose of this action is to inform, educate, raise the awareness of and engage all employees to realize the importance of recycling and to adopt it as a life culture and daily routine action, both in their professional and family life.